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    Plenty of activities and daily social relationships.
     Michigan Assisted Living Homes has plenty of activities to expand interaction.

      Monthly birthday parties to which all residents are invited. Families and friends maybe invited to participate. Volunteers often help to bring residents to the party and join in the fun.

      Celebrations of various holidays, both secular and religious. Holidays are particularly difficult times for those away from their own homes, families,and friends. Valentine's Day, Halloween, Christmas, Hannukah, Easter, and Memorial Day are a few examples.

      Musical events can be enjoyed actively or passively depending on the abilities of the residents. Many homes have sing-alongs in which the residents request their favorite songs and sing along with a leader. Again, the involvement of volunteers, families, and friends is crucial to the success of such a program. Sometimes concerts are given by a church or school group or friend of the nursing home. Hopefully, the public is invited to attend, for this allows the residents to provide a source of pleasure totheir community.

      Games foster both one-to-one relationships and group activity. Bingo is a favorite for many, but bridge, chess, and other games for smaller groups usually are available. Volunteers and families often are the ones to stimu- late resident interest in a game and they may be able to help arrange suitable opponents.